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Forest Bathing

What does a Forest Bath consist of?

A Forest Bath consists of a relaxed walk in a natural environment, in a group, lasting between 1-3 hours , and with a person who guides the experience by offering invitations (a special type of activities) that lead us to connect with the environment. environment through our senses.


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Disconnect from the rush and obligations and feel one with Nature

Typology of Forest Bathing


Immerse yourself in nature

Disconnect from the rush and obligations and feel at one with Nature


Night forest bathing

Live the magic of the forest at night. Let yourself be rocked by the night sounds and awaken your imagination


The forest at your event

Add a Forest Bath to your event, it will become an unforgettable experience.


In your favorite place

Forest Bathing where each participant is in the nature site they want, from anywhere in the world


Inspiration in Nature

Forest bathing for groups to reduce stress, burn-out, creativity and motivation


On the beach and under water!

Maritime Forest Bath, connecting with the coast and the sea, feeling part of the environment among algae, plants, fish and other inhabitants of this place.

My story with Forest Bathing


The therapist is the forest

The guide opens the doors

I trained as a guide in 2020 at the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy , since their way of understanding forest bathing as a relational practice (in English, Relational Forest Therapy ) made sense of what I myself had experienced with nature.


Since that moment and following this methodology that is based on the vision that it is necessary to restore relationships between humans and the environment , I have guided Forest Baths with groups of people of all conditions and ages in their encounters with nature.



My personal style as a Forest Bathing Guide is simple and honest. I really value that the relationships that are established in the group and between people and nature are authentic and personal .

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-24 at 14.41.57 (2).jpeg

Although forest bathing may be therapeutic for participants, it is not therapy, since the guide is not a therapist of any kind.

What is sought (and can be healed) is the relationship of people with themselves, with others and with the more-than-human world. That's why we say that " The therapist is the forest. The guide opens the doors "


Accesible a cualquier persona

The invitations offered by the guide in a Forest Bath are available to anyone, since they are simple, open, sensory and objective-free proposals. to get.

The most liberating thing about an invitation is that there is no right way

to do it, but the best way to carry it out is the one with which the participant feels comfortable at that moment.

or incorrect


The nature that is in you

A Forest Bath invites us to become aware of relationships that we thought we had. lost:

With our intelligent and sensitive body

With the world-more-than-human or living nature

With imagination , intuition and the "sense of the heart"


Where does this practice come from?

The name "Forest Bathing" is the translation of the original Japanese concept Shinrin-Yoku : bathing in the atmosphere of the forest

This name was coined by the Japanese Forestry Agency in 1982 , when they were looking for an accessible and affordable practice that could help people reduce their high levels of anxiety and stress .

The way Forest Bathing is practiced today in most of the world is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, with influences from Zen Buddhism, the worldview of indigenous peoples, nature-based therapies, philosophy of collective unconscious, and the Earth's own ecosophy or wisdom.

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