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About us

Always looking for inspiration

Trazos de Bosque is the natural union of sensitivity, interests and complicity between Nívola and Marc. Since childhood, both of us have felt nature as something more than a landscape . This certainty has inspired our work and concerns.


Our history

The seed was sown studying Environmental Sciences in Barcelona. There we met, and our shared path began, traveling together, since then, through many forests ...and we have gotten lost in them, without maps, without the goal of getting anywhere, just for the pleasure of being there, savoring that present moment. Also in our backpack, many shared projects promoting contact between people and the environment.

This way of being in nature, without having to reach any peak, is what we want to share with the experiences of Trazos de Bosque , some are walks, others creations and others will be sensory invitations.

Our values and philosophy of life permeate the project, at Trazos de Bosque we give hand to the native materials of our ecoregion, artisanal weaving, inclusive art for all, the circular economy and a slower pace of life .

We dream of a more poetic world, where all living beings live in harmony, where people develop their full potential and sensitivity, feeling part of the rest.

Savoring the moment, experimenting, enjoying and creating in nature transforms us deeply, and is something very comforting on an instinctive level.

About us


Marc Ayats

Environmentalologist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1999). Trained in Therapeutic Horticulture by Thrive (2018) Certified Forest Bathing Guide by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (2020). Co-founder and currently president of the Association of Banys de Bosc de les Illes Balears (ABBIB).

Regional representative of the Environment Area of the Red Cross Balearic Islands since 2008, leading Nature and social inclusion projects. Award from the Consell de Mallorca for solidarity and accessibility for the "Natura per a Tothom" project (2014). Director and producer of audiovisuals on environmental and social themes. Solar and efficient kitchen experimenter.

Co-author with Nívola of the album “Un Baño de Bosque” (Ed. Cuento de Luz). Silver medal at the Independent Publisher IPPY for best illustrated book for all ages 2020.

Creating experiences of creativity and connection with nature is a good way to rethink and care for the Earth.

They are the lines that form our landscape.

Nívola Uyá

Visual artist, illustrator and environmentalist. Her illustrations accompany campaigns, animations, murals and books, awarded with international awards, highlighting the silver Moonbeam for Best Illustrator 2013, or the UNESCO Chair Seal selection 2017. Recent silver medal at the IPPY Awards for the illustrated album “Un Baño of Forest”.

She holds workshops and talks on illustration, creativity and Nature in many destinations, convinced that the creative process and the bridge with Nature enhances the best in people and makes us more sensitive.

Speaker at the IV International Congress “Art, illustration and visual communication in primary and early childhood education” at the University of the Basque Country. Speaker at the 1st ESADIB Design and Sustainability Conference 2022.

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